Nick Franken photographer - fotograaf



The truth is, your work is beautiful and feels absolutely professionally produced, lit and finished. I would NEVER guess, by looking at your imagery, that you had executed these shoots by yourself.

Everything about them, every detail is thoughtful and perfectly executed. And most importantly, you are executing IDEAS and CONCEPTS in addition to shooting great portraits.
— Art Streiber - L.A. based Photographer
In the search for the ideal photographer, I was looking for a man who understands concepts, who can enhance the identity with his images and who can create charasteristic power. Nick Franken is capable to create an image that feels like a digital painting with a great atmosphere. This man paints with light and is fun to work with. He deserves a big recommendation!
— Jean-Piere Mulder - Marketing director NettStaff
Nick is a gifted photographer with a rare combination of knowing the right brand identity choices, image creating and photoshop skills.
I hired Nick as a Freelance photographer for several client cases in the past 5 years, where Nick showed an extreme high quality and eye for details. Nick’s talent as a photographer made him a valuable member of our team. I’m sure he’ll be an asset to any communication company who will hire him.

I’m lucky to have worked with Nick, a people professional who’s not only interested in the right picture but also can recplace himself in the targets of an organisation or individu. When it comes to creating an brand photography line for organisations Nick is one of the best I’ve met.

We’ve worked together for many clients and aside from his skill, what I appreciate most is how reliable and responsive he is. He’s great to my clients in service, and always delivers an amazing product. I’m amazed by Nicks ability to make friends with anyone, a skill he uses to full effect when presenting proposals to our clients.
— Raymond Smulders - Director of iBizz, Creative and Digital Agency